Daniel is the CEO and Co-founder of The Pub Hub

Meet the CEO- Daniel Rubin

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Daniel moved to Israel in 2007. Following his voluntary infantry service in the IDF, Daniel went on to study psychology and business in the Interdisciplinary Center Herzeliya. At IDC, Daniel was selected to speak at the school’s TEDx event, where he met his Co-founder Doron.

In his first year of study, Daniel began his honors thesis in behavioral psychology, studying how consumers' behavior changes by purchasing insurance. He continued his research over the summer at Harvard, and after graduating Summa Cum Laude, he furthered his research at UCLA Anderson School of Management. 

Consumer behavior and behavioral economics were both always a passion of his. Upon graduating from IDC, Daniel joined his first start-up as the Head of Business Development and Community Management.

Daniel loves reading, surfing, and playing squash. Follow him on Snapchat to see his day-to-day (DanielRubin109). 

Watch his TEDx Talk here:

Doron Maman is the COO and co-founder of The Pub Hub.

Meet the COO- Doron Maman

At age 17, Doron moved to Israel and served as a commanding sergeant in two different special forces units. Following his service, Doron worked for six years as an instructor with over 1000 high schoolers, preparing them physically and mentally for their army draft and training. Intermittently, he served as an emissary for the Jewish National Fund on three different continents.

During this time, he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzeliya with a focus on sports psychology - the discipline of mental preparation, competitive nature and personal excellence.

Following his degree, Doron founded Mental Fitness, where he delivered lectures to sports teams, organizations and universities about mental efficiency tools, individual and team productivity, and the application of sports psychology in day to day life.

Watch his TEDx talk here: