How Can We Help?

Over the last decade, offices have evolved from dull cubicles to dynamic workspaces. From meetings at coffee shops to the meditation rooms; productivity thrives in the non-traditional work environment. 
During this transition, bars have only served as a place for meeting new people, rejoicing with friends, and having a drink. However, these exciting and potentially innovative locations are only open at night; so how can we maximize their potential while maximizing yours?

What You earn as a pub hub Member

  • Free High Speed Wi-Fi
  • Free Coffee
  • Network of Entrepreneurs
  • Discounts to our bars at night
  • Ten-bis
  • Printer + Office Supplies
  • Access to all Pub Hub Locations
  • Mentoring Services
  • Access to VIP Events
  • Open 09:00-17:00 Daily

Our Local Coworking Perks

  • 33% off dog wash at "Doggystyle"
  • 30% off coffee from Boutique Central
  • Free eye check and 30% off all glasses from i-optic
  • Crossfit- Free month!
  • 10% off local dry cleaning and laundry 
  • 10% off phone repairs and electronics from "Halo-Halo"
  • 10% off all office supplies

Our Mission

We work intimately with bar owners and managers to transform their location into a shared productive and affordable workspace. This transition brings life during the day to an otherwise closed 'dead-space'. Our main goal is to provide the most cost effective service and work space for everyone who is looking for a place to pursue and achieve their goals. Join our Pub Hub family.

This is a no brainer! I’m so happy to be part of an initiative that will allow my bar to fuel start-ups during the day in Tel Aviv.
— Owner of a Popular Bar in Tel Aviv


500₪ / UNLIMITED access for 1 month  

225₪ /UNLIMITED access for 1 week

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