What is the UX of TPH?

The UX of Coworking

I always hear people in the tech world talking about UX- User Experience. Start-ups, app developers and programmers are all focusing on things like UX design trends, product features, compatibility, and more. To tell you the truth though, I know absolutely nothing about UX. In fact, I have close to no idea what any of those buzzwords even mean! 

But while co-founding our coworking space, I have endlessly been learning more about the UX of TPH (The Pub Hub):

  • What do our users need to experience more productivity?

  • What do our users need to have more energy throughout the day?

  • What do our users need to feel that this is the place they want to come to work from?


Asking all of these questions keeps us constantly investigating what we can do to provide more value for our coworking members, and is no doubt the most important part of my job.

Although I do not define myself as an expert on the matter, here are my top three recommendations for how you can improve your UX in a coworking environment:

#1: Get Members Moving!

The average worker wakes up in the morning, commutes to work, gets to a desk (which they sit at for several hours), have lunch (while seated), works for several more hours (again sitting), then commutes home, then watches an episode of their favorite series (while sitting down), and then goes to bed. 

Get up! Get moving and get your blood flowing! The research on this is endless. Blood flow in the workspace helps creativity, productivity and is a healthier life style.

Recently we have started a daily stretching time in the middle of the day. A quick ten minutes to reconsolidate what you’ve been working, and to boost your body’s energy levels up. It’s a game changer!

# 2: Get Members Talking!

People come to coworking spaces because they don’t want to work at home alone. They too want to experience the water cooler hangout, they too want to make new friends while working, even while freelancing. To improve their UX, help make introductions. “Hey ____, meet _____, she also works in ______…” Don’t just focus on bringing in a great speaker to an event, focus on creating meaningful connections, which will excite people to come to work. Assisting people to meet people is one of the most rewarding parts of running a coworking space. This is the value that they have been waiting for. 

#3: Get to Know Your Members

There is a major difference when you are greeted by a person who doesn’t know your name (‘Good morning sir’), versus somebody who knows who you are (‘Good morning John’). Be genuine and take the time to know who is coming in. Show interest not only in the member, but even more so in the person that member is. Get to know them beyond their desk work and strive to make an authentic connection. Doing so, will not only give them a great place to come to, but equally as important, a great and meaningful place for you to come to.

The truth of the matter is, you don’t need my previous knowledge or my advice to discover what value your members are really looking for. Be humble, be open and sincerely ask your members, “What else can I do so you have an unbelievable work environment?” Learning and applying this feedback is what drives us at The Pub Hub, because when our UX improves, so does the quality of the work of our members.