Do You Even Work Bro’?

I can’t stand listening to people talk about their time in the gym. I mean the people who’ll say something like, “I worked out for two hours today!” 

When I look at these people I think to myself, “Well the results don’t seem to be reflecting that.”

But when you take a deeper look, you understand that those two hours were: thirty minutes spent schmoozing, twenty minutes spent on their phone, another forty minutes in the jacuzzi and sauna, and at BEST they were active for no more than twenty to thirty minutes total. So who are they fooling?

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs and freelancers suffer from a similar work ethic. They’ll clock in a 10-12 hour work day, getting in bed at the end of the day curious why their product isn’t achieving results. They sit with their laptops in coffee shops, restaurants or at home trying to get work done, and 90% of the time they are entertained by some external distraction. Social media, talking with friends or other non-related work tasks which completely remove them from what they could and should be doing.

And just like our bodybuilding role model, of the 10-12 hour work day they at best have actually done only 3 hours of work.

So to both the freelancer and gym member I wish to offer you some of my humble advice.

Whether you're professionally working or working out, set a time for distractions, set a time for work, and make sure you’re in the most optimal environment to do so! Allow me to elaborate.

working from home

Firstly know that distractions aren’t a bad thing! No creature can remain 100% focused at all times, therefore it is important to be wise about which distractions you have and when. Set yourself an allotted time at the end of each hour to remove yourself from work. This has been researched in cognitive psychology under the title “consolidation,” and it simply means that during our breaks is when our brains best process and digest the information we are working with. So take a few minutes to disconnect and give yourself a couple of minutes to enjoy that new funny superbowl commercial on YouTube.

Next, make sure work time is strictly work time. Don’t mess around! Set yourself a target number of hours you intend to hit, and make every minute that you clock of the highest quality. That means while you work, don’t answer phone calls that aren’t necessary, don’t get sidetracked by less relevant tasks, commit to achieving peace of mind at the end of your day that you truly were a productive machine!

Lastly, define your workspace. Choose an environment when which you enter that setting, you are an unstoppable worker who is going to deliver their absolute best! Choosing this place is of extreme importance as each surrounding will offer unique challenges. 

Therefore you should know the dangers of choosing certain locations. For example, coffee shops will consistently pressure you to order, have you hunt for available outlets, and most likely not have the most quiet atmospheres. Working from home will always have chores to do, you’ll be lonely, and the most dangerous of them all, watch Netflix all day long!

Therefore, I invite you to come and check out The Pub Hub as your productive hub. We’re committed to promoting a proper work-life balance, allowing you to work efficiently throughout the day, and fully relax during the night. We’re here to inspire you to stay on task and get work done to help you get results. 

Since we do this from a bar during the day, I hope you stay so we can consolidate together over a beer at night. Cheers!