Burning Down or Building Up?

People aspire to build the tallest building. I’m not actually talking about physical buildings, but more so reputational ones. Everyone wants to be the king of their trade, the master of their discipline, the top dog who has championed the rest. We envision ourselves sitting easy at the top of the pyramid of success having attained all that we strive for, and it feels good. 

Once the desire has been set and established, people choose one of two strategies.

Burn everybody else’s building down


Progressively build your building up

What I mean is that for any of those who participate in any competitive realm, you will consistently deal with people of a destructive nature. They place the success of their product on the failure of yours. Rather than work hard to build up their own brand through nail biting grit, they light a match trying to burn everyone else to the ground, tarnishing their name in the process. Although some may succeed with this strategy, they will never reach their ultimate potential and create ever lasting value for their customers.

We refer to these people as HATERS. They simply are:







These individuals radically different from those who are focused on creating real value. I’m talking about the people who passionately explore their competitive greatness, and know how to consistently deliver their best when their best is needed. They step up to the challenge and are solely focused on delivering their best efforts to create something real. I’m talking about PLAYERS

These are the people who passionately love the game no matter the circumstance and consistently find themselves learning as they know that beyond the value that they instill in their product, they are creating personal value which will serve them greatly in whatever follows next. Although it may be easier to destroy than it is to build, you’ll discover that by building, learning, failing and resiliently returning, you are guaranteeing success at some point in your future.

In the case you decide that you wish to be a PLAYER, know that The Pub Hub has got a winning team ready to back you up offering a productive environment, inspirational mentors and a growing community that celebrates each other’s success. Every player is supported by a team, and we would love to have your back.

We each can make this choice daily and decide what kind of person we wish to be. I recommend you do so while asking:

  • What kind of person will I become in 1 year from now on such a path?
  • What kind of person will I become from 10 years from now on such a path?
  • What will I say on my death bed having known I chose this path?

HATER or PLAYER. The choice is yours…