Just Get the Ball Rolling

    Many people claim to have the next billion dollar idea. You hear these people always delivering a sermon about their potential venture as you patiently wait to see them deliver it. But just like in life, what we see is that people are much better at talking than they are at executing. People fear becoming an independent freelancer or starting a business because they aren’t willing to commit to performing at the potentially high level of difficulty.

    So what differentiates those who manage to bravely jump into these waters from those who stay safe at the shore?

I believe the key difference is perspective. People who talk a good game look down the road and their target destination appears to be to far from them. They mentally stand in place on the first day of training for a marathon thinking about completing the whole 42 kilometers. Especially in the business world, this generally results in giving up before they even start.

    However, those who do decide to get in the game are driven by both their long term vision AND their willingness to take that first step in the race. They’re playing for the long game, and are ready to commit themselves to an endless learning process which gains momentum daily. Their psychology is like that of rolling a snowball. Once you gather an initial amount of snow, you just have to get that ball rolling and progressively grow it into something bigger and more powerful each day.

    So how do you do this? Let’s start with collecting some snow. Develop an idea. What are you good at? What solution do you have that can help solve a problem in the market? 

    Next figure out who you want on your team that will be equally committed. Are their values paralleled to yours? Do their skills compliment yours? Do you have good experiences working with this person in the past?

    Although the two paragraphs above are key questions to answer, it is all dependent on choosing your place to work from. You should choose an inspiring environment that keeps you committed to delivering your absolute best!

Analyze the pros and cons of various settings. Although the home setting might be comfortable, it lacks inspiration and is high in distractions (i.e. Netflix). The coffee shop might be nice, but you’ll be missing outlets, have slow internet and be consistently pressured to order. Coworking spaces will provide a good solution, but the prices might be out of range and you're going to need some guidance as you’re new in these waters. 

    That’s why at The Pub Hub we brought the coworking world to the shared economy. Working from a coworking space set in a bar ignites unique insights and inspiration to help get your idea and productivity to a higher level.

We are fiercely driven to help our members by connecting them to our mentors (lawyers, consultants, accountants…) to help shorten the learning curve to bringing them to success. And all this at the lowest cost since we are in the shared economy.

    So get the ball rolling, prepare your idea, sit down with your team, and begin flexing your hustle muscle in the right environment!