CoWork to Live or Live to CoWork? Neither!

    Balance. We should all strive for this in all areas in our lives to achieve some kind of harmony. Working to maintain a healthy personal life is challenged by our desire to succeed in our job and discipline and therefore we must take an approach which balances between these two extremes.

Unfortunately, people generally fall into one of two categories: work to live or live to work. In a world where people seem to have become enslaved to their jobs, you find work spaces that encourage 24/7 hustle. Therefore, there has never been a more important time to achieve a healthy work life balance in our lives. 

So how do we do this?

    Firstly, we must recognize the equal importance of both of these worlds rather than become enslaved to one of them. Work can be a platform that allows us to deliver our essence to others. It creates a platform allowing us to feel significant in the eyes of our loved ones and of our coworkers and therefore when done, should be done with conviction, focus and intention. While working, we should become a hard-working-hustle-machine that removed from distractions to achieve our ultimate productivity. This is the time that you’ve set aside to create your ultimate product, so make sure you do so.

    But what’s the point of working so hard if we don’t use that money to enjoy time with our loved ones? 

    Success and achievement is ultimately meaningless if you have nobody to celebrate with. Therefore, when not working, be fully present with those around you. Cherish and utilize that time so you will be refueled with drive and love to provide for others. I guarantee, that although you may want to put in the extra hours at the office, you won’t arrive to your deathbed saying, “I wish I spent more time at the office.” Treasure the valuable time you have with the people you love and remember that if you are working so hard to enjoy valuable time with them, then it is important to make time regardless of the circumstances of your work.

    This is exactly what I love about The Pub Hub.

Because we partner with bars, creating coworking spaces until 17:30, our members are granted a limited time to come and create their best. They use their hours efficiently knowing that at closing time their main options are to go home to spend quality time, to hang out for a friendly meet up or to raise a glass at the bar and just hang out. Therefore a successful work life balance is achieved not by the amount of hours you work, but the quality of what you complete.

The Dalai Lama, was once asked what surprised him most about humanity to which he answered, “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.”