"I am Always Hungry"

“Please put your hands together for our five finalists.”

I felt like I was watching a thriller film as I heard the M.C of the Credit Suisse & OurCrowd Pitching Ring echo those words through the event hall. My heartbeat filled the auditorium like a bass drum pounding. This was a high-tech competition with some unbelievable competitors who have created truly unique products, and we are just a simple coworking space using closed bars as our office.

And the winner is…The Pub Hub!”      

Pic taken from  Globus

Pic taken from Globus

My partner and I were in a state of awe. As we shook hands with the other start ups, bankers, and Credit Suisse  private clients that came to congratulate us all I could really think of was; “What does this mean for our members”? My train of thought returned to our loyal members sitting back at our first location. “What will this allow us to provide for them”? 

coworking food

    In the mix of all this, I tried to keep my head focused on the conversations I was conducting with various characters at the event. Suddenly my stomach joined in chorus with my pounding heart as it started to grumble and roar. My partner and I had both forgotten to eat dinner from all this excitement. As a woman passing by saw me cringe towards my body, she laughed and said, “I’m always hungry.”

    I was somewhat caught off guard, and not expecting the random comment from a Credit Suisse executive. “Excuse me.” I responded.

    She continued to laugh as she responded, “I’m always hungry.” She raised her left arm and presented us with a tattoo of that quote running down her fore arm towards her wrist, in nice cursive. “I love food.”

    And it was exactly at that point that it hit me.

I understood immediately why The Pub Hub was selected as the winner of the 2016 High Tech Pitching Ring (despite not being from the High Tech world).

Our platform is a social, physical platform which creates endless platforms for other high-tech workers, start ups, writers. and anyone you can imagine who needs a place to work from and fulfill their passion. As wonderful as this idea is, I understood that more was needed to justify their selection. 

    Investors want to invest in people. The voters of this competition simply understood that both my partner and I are always hungry! We are hungry to meet excellent people who have just started their careers and are building their dreams. This hunger is the driver that always brings our thoughts back to our loyal members. This hunger pushes us to explore new opportunities to meet new people. This hunger is the real power house of The Pub Hub, your co-working space of the future.

    Daniel said so wonderfully during his pitch, “We believe that everyone deserves this. We simply wish to provide it.” I couldn’t have said it better brother.