The Coworking Play: Ctrl. Alt. Del. Restart

I’m a huge sports fan. 

I can spend hours watching modern day gladiators clash in the center of their disciplinary ring to compete for the title of champion. However, if I am completely honest, the teams I generally root for seem to be cursed!. They always tend to blow the lead in the last minute and choke, or for some reason, never even make the playoffs.

coworking and sports

With these teams, there is always a common theme- a coach on the sideline screaming at the offense for not progressing the ball, tearing apart the defense for not sticking to the basics, or upset with the assistant coaches who are not motivating enough. It can be truly heartbreaking to watch an organization that has all the potential in the world crash harder than a meteor penetrating the earth to ultimately fail

All the skills and abilities in the world are irrelevant if an organization does not have organizational resilience.

Every type of functioning body (anatomical, organizational, sports teams) eventually experiences set backs. Therefore, to get back into the swing of things, you must have a go-to strategy. 

I call this play: Ctrl. Alt. Del. Restart. 

coworking computer

The scenario generally begins as follows: Each organization functions as a computer, a ‘desktop’ with to many open windows causing the computer to crash. And just when we need to perform a certain function more than ever, everything seems to be stuck

The first thing you have to do, is hit the control button.

Ask yourself, what is in your control? What is not in your control? Are you trying to control of things in which you really have no authority over (the general cause of stress)? Once you have separated between all these factors, highlight and focus what is in your control.

The second stage, is to hit the alt. button, which is short for alternate. 

What other alternate possibilities do you have in order to change your position to get you where you need to go. One of the key presuppositions of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is that, At every given moment you always have three possible options to create action. Now go back to what you highlighted is in your control and create three possible options to create action, which can put you back on course.

    Third, delete.

Release the baggage and delete whatever experience you just had which is not serving you and allowing you to have that ideal state of mind. In order to create success you have to be as light as possible and as far removed from anything that is not serving you. 

Once you have refocused your control, created alternate options and removed yourself from the excess baggage, you’re ready to now restart. Opportunities which were not clear now hold a dominant position, simple tactics which were not utilized have a platform to come through and you are on your way towards your comeback!

    At a larger level, this is what we did at The Pub Hub. We observed a broken system, searched for alternate options while removing ourselves from past solution (working from coffee shops), and restarted our mindset to see what can be done with under-utilized space. The result is the meeting of the two worlds of (a) coworking and (b) the shared economy at a var; providing affordability, convenience and productivity under one roof. This attitude and mindset is what makes us a coworking movement.

    With all that said, I have one final message to my beloved sports teams. The game is always in your hands, as long as you control, alternate, delete and restart your mindset, you always have a shot! Let’s get the W this week!