I am so proud of Apple.

Airbnb gets it. Uber gets it. Even this guy gets it. And now, Apple gets it too.

Don’t waste space. 

The headphone jack served a real purpose, and it was much more practical than just some empty space in our phone. During the production of every iPhone until now Apple would spend time, money and resources building and configuring around the 3.5mm jack so we all could enjoy music, talk on the phone, accept payments, or connect our phone to the car’s AUX input. We needed that headphone jack- it was a universal necessity.

Today is different. We no longer need to waste that space. 

The bottom line is that there was literally a hole in our iPhone. That empty gap was not just taking up room, but it was hurting us; preventing us from having better a camera and a longer lasting battery. To solve this wasted space issue, we invented bluetooth, apple pay, and manufactured really amazing headphones to fill that void.

When we figure out wireless charging, I can only assume that Apple will take out the battery. When all iPhone memory is cloud based, Apple will remove our storage. 

I want these changes, and I expect them soon, because replacing empty or underutilized spaces is the best platform for innovation.

No, I’m not a fan of the AirPods, and I’m really not a fan of their price, but I’m glad Apple is finally joining our shared economy.

A company in the sharing economy is one that realizes that there is stuff that is not being used to its potential and people want or need that extra function from the extra space.

Cars, couches, and parking spaces used to be left empty- leaving good money on the table- and are now being filled by people who are willing to pay for those things. Apple saw wasted space that needed to be filled, and gave us a longer battery, a better camera, water resistance, and a smoother home button- each one of these things individually is something that all iPhone users are willing to pay for- and now we get all three for the price of one jack 

That is using underutilized space at its finest.

Per square inch, real estate on the iPhone is the most expensive in the world, and until now, 3.5 mm of it was sitting empty in each of our pockets. Apple may be changing the status quo, but they doing so by building on a trend.

Here you can see Steve Jobs talking about Apple's growth model of learning, watching, and acting on trends despite the fact that it may mean killing standard features in their new product. From flash to the floppy disks, when it comes to computing, space is money and Apple does not want to waste a penny. 

I get it. I hate waste. Maybe it is because my grandparents wouldn’t throw out food, or maybe it is because I am running a startup that also uses underutilized space, I am not sure why but it irks me to no end. 

I understand that change takes time to get used to. There is an education period. Trust needs to be earned; especially when using other people’s property and space. Airbnb had to educate the public, and so did Uber. Why would anyone let a stranger sleep on their couch, and why would driver pick up an unknown hitchhiker? Education and trust over time has taught us that it’s OK to share. 

At The Pub Hub we are also trying to earn your trust. We believe that nice bars are the most underutilized pieces of real estate in the world; and most of these bars have the potential to become the next generation of coworking spaces. 

Just like the iPhone jack that was sitting empty until innovation made a positive change, so too will bars all around the world. Billions of dollars are left on the table while bars in prime locations are sitting empty throughout the day. It’s time to use that space for the better. 

Apple is once again innovating and following the market trends. They are creating value from what was formerly a hole in their phone. Creating value from where there was none, is the most innovative solution of the past years. 

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