Coworking Space vs. Coworking Movement

There is a major difference between coworking spaces and a coworking movement. 

    People are traditionally drawn to the former. Coworking spaces are beautifully designed and emulate a theme such as ‘motivation’ or ‘teamwork’. Walk into any of these locations, and you’ll see people working like busy bees and using these work spaces as playground-like offices.

    But the thing about these coworking spaces is that most of the time they are pretty much just like any other physical space.

Yes, it may be the office where you create and build your company, but at the end of the day, you want to be more than just a body filling up an empty seat. In a space that prides itself on values such as community, working together, and shared spaces; where is the love? Why work from a shared space instead of working out of your home or local coffee shop?

    Hence a coworking movement. A movement is much more than an available parking space with an outlet to charge your computer. It is about being part of a force that initiates change. A force that progresses values of community while instilling pride within their members. When a person is part of a movement, they are always a part of it. These are the coworking values that should be driving a coworking company.

        The The Pub Hub is a coworking movement. Changing what was known as 'coworking' into something even more communal- via a shared economy.

The Pub Hub utilizes closed Tel Aviv pubs during the day as shared open work spaces.

Each pub offers a different vibe, theme, and inspiration which allows for heightened creativity and community. This community includes many discounts with local vendors, special events and open access to work out of all of our locations. 

    By utilizing this empty space we give you more, and allow you to spend less.

    We are not just another open coworking space in Tel Aviv with unique decorations that strives to make you feel productive. We are driven to bring you the most value for your membership, by actively searching for ways to give you more. 

    This drive is what makes us not only the most affordable coworking space in Tel Aviv, but we also believe one of the most valuable.

     Coworking spaces today all develop very similar trends regarding what they offer, and therefore we have taken a different approach.

    So why didn’t we just become another coworking space? Because we are a movement. We believe that everybody deserves more. Everybody deserves the opportunity to create. This is not the kind of place where you simply say, I use to work out of The Pub Hub, this is your chance to say, “I was part of the movement that changed the coworking culture”.