Coworking the Five Olympic Rings

    'Citius, Altius, Fortius.' ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger.’

In this year’s Rio Summer Olympic Games we will see world class athletes lift twice their own body weight, penetrate through water in various aquatic sports, and of course the highly  awaited 100 meter sprint to see who is the fastest man on earth. After four long years of training and competition, the world’s most prestigious stage is set (somewhat, despite endless technical issues in Rio), bringing together competitors from all corners of the earth to face off. 

    The logo of the Olympics is five interlocking colored rings. So, in honor of the games, here are five lessons we can take from the olympics and the competing athletes to learn some lessons about Coworking.

1. It’s not every four years…    

The slogan of the United States olympic committee team is, “It’s not every four years, it’s every day.” When we are solely focused on events that come around once in a while, we are not developing our discipline. As coworkers, tech developers, company mangers, and simply just people, we cannot only come and deliver at the biggest conference of the year. Rather we should be inspired by and inspiring others to produce excellent results every day. This is the attitude of a working world class athlete.

2. Every second counts! Stay productive!

The Olympics is the stage where even 1/100th of a second can determine whether you’ll be celebrating gold, or missing the podium. Athletes must utilize every second of training to shave off those precious milliseconds. Dedicating specific 'work time for work', and 'rest time for rest' allows productivity and efficiency to kick in when it counts, bringing your product to gold!

3. Race Yourself, Not Others!

World class athletes understand that although they are competing with others, they are their own greatest rivals. If you watch the 100m run from the 2008 London Olympic Games, you will see that each competitor only focuses on his lane and is solely competing with themselves.

When we focus on beating others, we remove ourselves from our brand that we deliver. We should not think, ‘What can I do to beat him/her?’ Rather ask ‘What can I do today that's better than what I created yesterday?’.

4. Coaching Constructive Criticism (CCC)

Olympic athletes are always learning. They take a simple routine, perform it meticulously tens of thousands of times, for at least four years. Yet, they still have trainers, coaches, and professional guidance. Even masters of their craft need support and constant feedback from others. Working with a teacher, coach or a friend that provides you with constructive feedback keeps you driven and motivated. The more you learn, the more you earn!

5. The Team, the Nation.    

The best individual athletes in the world always have a supporting cast of family, friends, trainers and their nation behind them. Belonging to a powerful, inspirational community, enables us to come back after a loss, encourages us to push our limits, and allows us to provide the same support and inspiration for others. This is the core of coworking; working together so we each can provide for each other.

Enjoy the Olympics!