Searching for the Ultimate Mentor

      A common theme in story lines of books, films, and theatre, is a student protagonist in search of a wise mentor. The student and mentor embark on a journey helping the student achieve new levels of skills and understanding -usually towards conquering of a challenge they will face-  allowing the viewer to experience the climax of the plot.

    I believe that these story lines are a mere reflection of how we wish to see our lives. We each seek for the great master who can teach us the skills to ascend to the next level in order to attain victory. These Yoda-like characters appear to have great knowledge which we believe can help us complete our personal journey to attain greatness in our respected discipline.  

  So where do we find these characters in the real world?

    Before the quest for the sensei begins, we must first ask ourselves what do we want? What is my goal that I am striving for? Many categorize what they want as too general, such as wealth or health; but once we specify what we are looking for, only then will we know what kind of person to look for. 

    Do you want to be ‘millionaire’ rich or ‘billionaire’ rich? This differentiation will drastically change the kind of mentor you seek as their knowledge differs. Do you want to be healthy or lose weight? Again, two very different things that until specified, will change from whom you seek guidance.

    Once you know what you’re looking for, now begins the search for who. Look for people who have done what it is you are looking to do. Look for people who can connect you to people who have done what you wish to achieve. Part of the journey is not only what you learn through the mentor you found, but also how you find them.

    For many of us however, this is where the journey ends, as we come to understand something crucial: There is no specific character who holds endless knowledge and skill that we wish to attain. 

Rather than becoming frustrated that we have not found our own “Mr. Miyagi,” we must comprehend that inside each of us awaits mentor of a certain discipline! Through each person in this world (without exception!) exists a connection to someone that can teach us a valuable lesson that will help us better our brand, product and ourselves. 

    It is exactly that for these reasons I love coworking! Because coworking is a defined space that naturally combines different disciplines, skills, and values to help us grow and learn. This effect is only intensified when the social benefits of a pub environment are added! When I come to work at The Pub Hub, I’m not the smartest guy in the room, but I do get the opportunity to learn from each of our unbelievable members that use our space. I have a start up mentor, an educational mentor, I have an app developing mentor and more which each help me attain a higher level of success

    The final beauty in this process, is that as I gain, learn and grow through the values that each of these members provide me, I too become a mentor. A mentor on connecting people in the coolest workspace in TLV.